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Business Development

We can contribute to developing your business through exploring ways of building on your organisation’s current resources and structuring them, or by venturing into new areas. The Marketing route offers direction, concepts and tools which when put into practice professionally, can grow your business from many angles.


Setting up and/or Developing Marketing Departments

We can help your organisation by developing the marketing initiatives and activity into a structured marketing department.

Organisation of Marketing Functions

Your business may already be implementing a number of successful marketing initiatives. We can help you in the organisation of the marketing functions within your business with the aim of achieving synergies, rendering cost effective results in carrying out your activities.

Coordination of Marketing Functions

We coordinate marketing functions and develop them into an effective business unit.

Marketing Management

We are able and will give a hands-on contribution to Marketing Management and Business Development. Understanding the marketing functions which your organisation carries out and we will participate in:

  • Planning and co coordinating marketing functions and synchronising them with your wider business objectives.
  • Coordinating and implementing the Marketing plans creating initiatives which will effectively achieve your goals.
  • We can work, if this is your choice, with your own advertising agency to implement advertising campaigns
  • We can participate in your CSR, PR, Events organisation and other related marketing activity.
  • Data/database management

This service is also very useful for an organisation which may have a project, a product launch; and its size is such that it may need some more marketing skills other than the currently available resources.

Brand Management

The brands which an organisation holds are valuable assets. We will maintain and increase your organisation’s goodwill through managing brands by:

  • Growing the brand on the market, increasing consumer demand and sales volumes.
  • Liaison with principals, securing confidence in your company, giving it added strength.
  • Attainment and administering of resources to build your business with your brands.
  • Building the brand image and identity

Brand Building

When a Company is launching a new brand and/or has a vision that an existing product or service within its portfolio could make headway on the market, we will work on all the elements needed to make this happen by:

  • Giving a contribution to the company vision for developing brands.
  • Preparing the path and proposals for companies to attract brand owners to selecting them as their partners.
  • Negotiating brand support and preparing budgets.
  • Mapping the path for brand growth.
  • Creating effective concepts to attain the commercial objectives for the brand.
  • Preparing Brand Plans.
  • Coordinating the implementation of the action plan.








Business Plans and Marketing Plans

Your business objectives are translated into a directional plan together with an action programme. The action predominantly takes the marketing route by drawing up an effective business and marketing plan, with a vision, mission, tangible objectives, a strategy, product and business development, a comprehensive marketing activity plan and the other elements incorporated into it.

Building and Training Brand Managers/ Marketing Staff

Directing and/or co-working with Marketing Executives, Brand Managers and related marketing people, to perform their role through a path which conforms to the company’s goals and objectives. The methodology will include:

  • On the job training,
  • Guidance, mentoring, training, as the requirements may be, on every aspect involved in performing the role of a brand executive/manager effectively.

Marketing Training and Motivation

•The development of presentations, training courses tailor-made to the organisation’s requirements.

Your career achievements and marketing education

Marketing is a creative career. Practicing Marketing could become a very rewarding experience in seeing your personality and ideas becoming real life experiences through achieving business results whilst developing your creativity. Being educated in marketing, structures your thoughts, gives you knowledge about tools which can be used to develop a successful business, products and services.

We can contribute to your career achievements through:

  • Marketing Career Guidance
  • On the job training, mentoring and facilitating

Coordinating your Marketing and Sales

We have in-market experience in various sectors and we are able to use this expertise to benefit your organisation through the combined effort of sales and marketing.

Organisation of Conferences and events

Giving a business meaning and significance to occasions such as anniversaries, opening of new premises, launch events, and others, all with the added value of being built in the organisation’s marketing plan.